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Image Processing Engineer

Redwood City R&D - Engineering Full-time
Q Bio believes the future of healthcare is data driven, preventive, and personalized. Our service platform empowers patients and their physicians to comprehensively quantify, track, and analyze changes in their bodies. Our vision: to bring preventive healthcare to everyone such that treatable diseases no longer take lives.

Our goal is to align incentives in the healthcare system and bring data-driven insights to primary care. At Q Bio, we  are developing new foundational tools and systems that empower patients and their physicians to quantify, track, and analyze physiological changes in unprecedented detail.

Will you join us? 

What We’re Building:
Our first product, the Q Exam, uses a systems biology approach called panomics (developed at Stanford University) to build a comprehensive, quantitative snapshot of your health. In about 60 minutes, we combine advanced non-invasive imaging, chemistry, genetics, vitals and your medical history to measure the most clinically-relevant information about a member. After the visit, members receive a web-based dashboard that they can review from anywhere in the world with their chosen clinicians. 

Why should you consider a career with Q.Bio?
We know how critical it is to find an environment where the leadership team will empower and support career growth.  We’re a highly interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and operators who come from a diverse background of disciplines and experiences. One of our key values is that we value the interdisciplinary diversity of our team and approach each other with kindness, and awareness of diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, with an expectation of greatness.   We also put mission first. To redefine preventive healthcare is incredibly long-term and we won’t always have the answers. Our goals as a team are bigger than any of us and we can (literally!) change lives. We are therefore forward-looking and put our mission first. And lastly we actively seek to earn trust from our members, our partners, and our teammates every day. 

Team Structure
The Radiomics Engineering Team is divided into four smaller teams: Image Acquisition, Image Analysis, Computational Science, and Hardware Engineering. While each team functions independently, we value  cross-pollination of ideas, open discussion, and sharing of knowledge. As a company, we all work towards the primary goal of developing a reproducible, non-invasive, and  high-speed whole body exam. 

Role Description
The Image Processing Engineer is a new role that’s responsible for contributing to our efforts in image post processing, segmentation, and quantification.  This is an opportunity to develop technologies centering on non-rigid multi-contrast data co-registration, and segmentation of different tissue classes, quantification of morphometric properties of tissue.

What success looks like for this role: 
-Strong technical leadership developing internal engineering capabilities in image processing, segmentation, and co-registration
-Expertise in MRI or other medical imaging methodology
-Software skills in Python and/or C++
-Implementation of framework in ITK/MevisLab like framework
-Familiarity with medical image file formats, prior MATLAB experience 
-Strong communication and prioritization abilities working with cross-functional stakeholders including executives, scientists, clinicians, and engineers

Benefits offered at Q Bio include:
-Competitive salary and equity in a well-funded, early stage startup
-Healthcare, vision, and dental coverage for you and your dependents
-Progressive paid family leave and sick leave plans
-Complimentary annual Q Exam
-Personalized catered meals every day
-Opportunity to work on a highly interdisciplinary team and become an expert in computational biology, biotechnology, and the cutting edge of digital healthtech while getting hands on experience with it!

Q Bio was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jeffrey Kaditz, Dr Michael Snyder, Chair of Genetics and Director of Personalized Medicine at Stanford University, and Dr Garry Choy, physician, radiologist, and former Chief Medical Information Officer at Mass General Hospital. In Feb. 2020 we secured $40 million Series B funding led by Andreesen Horowitz.