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Backend Developer (Python)

London Octopus for Business - Technology Full time
Octopus Energy is a scale-up electricity and gas supplier in Great Britain, having enjoyed huge success in its first 4 and a half years of existence and now supplies over 1.5 million households and businesses across the UK. Octopus Energy is also part of Octopus Group, the UK’s largest investor in solar farms and the third largest investor in renewable generation overall. The solar farms they’ve funded generate 40% of all the UK’s large scale solar, enough to power over a quarter of a million homes (when the sun shines!). They’ve also invested in wind generation, anaerobic digestion plans and “rapid response” gas generation to help balance supply when there’s no wind and sun. 

Within Octopus Energy sits Octopus Energy for Business (OEB), who supply businesses from small independent coffee shops and schools all the way up to the likes of the National Space Centre and the Emirates Stadium. Their innovative approach to business energy has seen the launch of a number of successful products. These include Electric Juice, a dynamic tariff for the UK’s electric charging networks and Panel Power, a product for businesses with solar PV looking to decentralise their energy usage to name but a few.

A role with Octopus is a chance to join an exciting scale-up company within the energy supply sector, and one that is well placed to take advantage of the rapidly changing energy landscape. They enjoy the best of both worlds: backing from a large, well-capitalised business with access to highly experienced and talented individuals, all whilst retaining the dynamic environment and energetic team that characterises start-up ventures.

We’re looking for someone to take on the challenge of owning the webservice backend for a mobile app in the electrification space. You’ll take responsibility for building the backend from the ground up, and will be working with the product team to turn vision into technical reality. 

This is a greenfield app which will give you the chance to have a huge impact. You’ll have freedom to define back-end architecture and - given Octopus’s ambitions in the electrification space - influence how the back-end scales to meet new challenges and create a wider ecosystem. 

Overall you’ll work with a small, high-energy project team to bring the app to life – an exciting opportunity to work like a start-up within a rapidly scaling EnTech business. 

This is an app that needs to be built to an exceptionally high standard – as such we’re looking for a superstar with a wide-range of skills, the passion to create something amazing, and the mindset to learn and grow with the company
What you'll have...
  • Have experience in the creation of the webservice backend of a mobile app through all technical aspects: develop, integrate, ship, test, manage, improve.
  • Have a deep understanding of the Python ecosystem with 5+ years of experience.
  • Can discuss vision and features within a team and propose creative solutions
  • Have a solid understanding of architecture and the benefits different types of architecture have.
  • Can implement a sensible testing strategy 
  • Experience with various relational and NoSQL databases, and the knowledge to choose the right database to suit the job at hand
  • Knowledge of (or a desire to learn) GraphQL APIs
  • Experience with AWSProficient understanding of Git
  • Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment

  • If you this sounds like you and you have a genuine passion in the future of sustainability then we'd love to hear from you!