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Principal Bioinformatics Data Scientist | MD - Gaithersburg, UK - Cambridge, SE - Gothenburg

Gaithersburg, MD Data Science - Life Science Full- Time

In this role, you will apply your expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning, quantitative data analysis and leadership to develop innovative data science solutions across multiple therapeutic areas (Respiratory, Inflammatory, Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism) in clinical drug development. To achieve this, you will scout new technologies/methods and work in a highly multidisciplinary environment with world leading clinicians, data scientists, biological experts, statisticians and IT professionals.
Fundamental Components:
  • Develop, implement and support novel bioinformatics solutions designed to drive the interrogation of human disease biology. This includes data from signal pathway analysis, cellular characterization, integrated multi-omics technologies, and other systems biology methods for biomarker and target discovery.
  • Researching and developing machine learning models, forecasting and optimization methods on multi-modal data to guide decision-making about and resourcing of our drug projects.
  • Perform expert scientific research, including establishment of scientific hypothesis that can be approached using computational methods and tools. Present or publish findings for conferences and in peer reviewed journals.
  • Build and manage effective relationships with stakeholders to insure utilization and value of information resources and services.
  • These challenges will require you to:
  • Provide advanced data science expertise to cross-functional projects and drive delivery of data science solutions that drive value to the company
  • Apply a range of data science methodologies, developing novel data science solutions where off-the-shelf methodologies do not fit
  • Translate unstructured, complex business problems into the appropriate data problem, model and analytical solutions
  • Leads small (2-3 person) data science projects of defined scope
  • Developing, maintaining and applying ongoing knowledge and awareness in trends, standard methodology and new developments in analytics and data science
  • Mentor and support the data scientists across multiple projects to drive the development of data science as a company capability
  • Review and develop working practices to ensure that data science work is delivered to robust quality standards
  • Provide training and advice to project scientists on optimal use of key data, analysis platforms and the appropriate use of biostatistics.
  • Background Experience:

  • Advanced software development skills in at least one of the standard data science languages (such as R, Julia or Python) and familiarity with database systems (e.g. SQL, NoSQL, graph)
  • Comfortable working in high performance computing or cloud environment
  • Experience of manipulating and analysing large high dimensionality unstructured biomedical datasets, drawing conclusions, defining recommended actions, and reporting results across stakeholders
  • Demonstrated scientific knowledge of cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, or biochemistry, especially as it relates to translational science research and development
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, business analysis, and consultancy skills
  • A passion to apply machine learning to solve difficult problems in drug development
  • Proven track record of publishing relevant bioinformatics or systems biology results and tools in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and other scientific proceedings.
  • Prior experience working in a therapeutic drug research or development. Demonstrated contributions in target discovery, indication discovery, and patient-disease stratification initiatives are highly desirable.
  • Experience in novel methods development and application